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Kobus Volschenk

Kobus Volschenk from Eden

I am looking to support for Administration. Before I have worked for the previous municipal in Mossel Bay because I was a student by Athena College and passed the Business Administration Service Certificate. See my CV include the cover letters of Mossel Municipal. My employer passed on a while back and I’m searching for new work. I have ±27 years of experience in this line of work which I think you will find useful. I am willing to relocate. I hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards
1 months ago
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Ndumiso Mbukelwa

Ndumiso Mbukelwa from Eden

23 years old, male
I'm looking for work in the electrical sector where my skills will be utilized and developed. i have NQF Level 4 in electrical engineering. i'm a hard worker and a team player, i like to engage with people in order to view and value their opinions.. i believe i could be an asset and of great value to any company that hires me
5 months ago
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Robinecia Jansen

Robinecia Jansen from Eden

18 years old, female
Hello I am Robinecia Kayden Jansen am 18 year old young lady. I am hard working and dedicated young lady. I am able to work under pressure no matter what the circumstances are. I am Reliable and also an honest person. Skills Am good with mathematical numbers. Am good In communicating with people clients or customers.
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Luveni Maawu

Luveni Maawu from Helderberg

27 years old, male
Im looking job because im not positive points general waking
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Mindre Morris

Mindre Morris from Central Karoo

27 years old, female
Ádminisstrative in finance my strong point will defnitly be detail in finance
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Mlungeleni Zwelifile

Mlungeleni Zwelifile from Eden

32 years old, male
Hello! My name is Mlungeleni Zwelifile from Eastern Cape(Mthatha) but now I live at Western Cape(George).I completed my Grade12 with maths and science on December 2007 then do my N4 in electrical engineering on 2009 at KSD FET College.Now I'm looking for a job.I am a hard worker, a very dedicated and responsible person.I don't mind working overtime,I do have the ability to work underpressure,I have the ability to work on a team.I hope that my application will favours you.
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Maria Anthony

Maria Anthony from Eden

48 years old, female
I'm looking for a cleaning or a admin job.i'm good working with people and is very hardworking person.My positive points are I'm a good listener and a very patient person.
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Enricolene Jordaan

Enricolene Jordaan from Eden

21 years old, female
Im looking for a sales or retail job I have experience of a scaning clark I have experience of 2years of cashier And im realy good at what i do
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Danel Du Plessis

Danel Du Plessis from Eden

22 years old, female
I am looking for a sales, Interior decorater, receptionist; admin or personal assistant job. I have a bubbly personality and a eye for detail. I love combining fabrics and doing displays of decor items. I love a challenge en doing sales. I am orginazed and a hard worker. I have been working since I have been in matric and learned alot working with a interior decorater. I love listening to clients and assisting to there needs.
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Babalwa Dyeli

Babalwa Dyeli from Eden

41 years old, female
DOMESTIC WORKER/ADMINISTRATION CLERK Im a hardworking person,independant,honest. I used to work underpressure, I used to work shift .
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Joanne Richards

Joanne Richards from Eden

24 years old, female
Admintration,hospitality,secratary,health and Safety My Positive Points: I can work under pressure, great listener, have a great work ethic, very punctual and communicative.
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Leon Langbooi

Leon Langbooi from Eden

39 years old, male
I used to work for the municipality on contract basis and road construction .Have a code 10 driver's licence
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Flink Baartman

Flink Baartman from Middelburg

43 years old, male
I would be very happy if I could find a cleaners or drivers job (code C1 with pdp).I'm very hardworking and neat person who do his work to the best of his ability. I don't mind working long hours including weekends.I'm a very positive person and a good team player.
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Maliza Snyman

Maliza Snyman from Eden

21 years old, female
Auxiliary social worker
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Ronald Masendeke

Ronald Masendeke from Eden

30 years old, male
I'm looking for plumbing job the most or pipe fitter I really enjoy my job it's comfortable to me anyone needs me don't be hesitate to contact me.
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Siphokuhle Patrein

Siphokuhle Patrein from Eden

I am a single mother and i have a single Parent who's nt healthy and i have a brother who study .. i need a job to take a whole family am the eldest and i have nothing .. i have some certificate like Project and even management i did it under internaship i have computer literary. .i am a fast to everything and i like finish my job ..i like my job no matter which job ...please help me to find some job i Promise i can do better
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Denver Danhausen

Denver Danhausen from Eden

23 years old, male
I have recently completed my Human Resource Management Theoretical in N6 I am currently doing my practicals to get my Diploma in HRM
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Shaney Esau

Shaney Esau from Hessequa

23 years old, female
Hi I am Shaney I am a hardworker, always on time and can work underpressure. I have good computer skills and communicate very well with people. I am willing to locate.
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Lee Handri Kleynhans

Lee Handri Kleynhans from Hessequa

23 years old, female
Hi I am Lee-Handri I am very good with people and have good communication skills, and can work under pressure. I am a very energetic person and loyal and always on time.I am a hard worker, and have outstanding computer skills. I will be able to do assistant work,secretary and admin work.
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Kirsten Marais

Kirsten Marais from Eden

22 years old, male
I'm looking officer work,and my strong points is to work hard and manage under pressure situatations.I also get also get on with variefy people and a fast learner.
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