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Sikelela Nyewe

Sikelela Nyewe from Cape Town

22 years old, male
Any kind of job
2 hours ago
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Khotso Rakoatsi

Khotso Rakoatsi from Overberg

26 years old, male
I am looking for internship for finance i did my N4,N5 and N6 in boland college now I am done looking for in-service training in order to get my diploma after 18 months when I am done with my in service. I an a hard working person who is eager to learn new things in the field of finance make a name in the field, would love to work with experts' in the field
2 hours ago
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Brentino Cupido

Brentino Cupido from Cape Winelands

22 years old, male
Marketing job Computer literate, good communicator , hard worker, adaptable, willing to expand my knowledge, eager to learn more and goal driven.
17 hours ago
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Dillin Fortuin

Dillin Fortuin from Mossel bay

Like Problem solving ,-mathematically. Like working with customers and interacting with human beings. Can Multitask. I consider myself as a Employee that is punctual ,fast learner,adaptable and hardworking . But not without flaws ,although I work hard at improving them and bettering myself . My one most important quality is my flexibility to change. My most dreaded flaw is : "I pride myself on being a 'big-picture' person. I have to admit I sometimes miss small details, but I always make sure I have someone who is detail-oriented on my team."
22 hours ago
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Sharyn Van Wyk

Sharyn Van Wyk from Cape Town

23 years old, male
General job.I am very hard working person and will doing anything that by manager or supervisor ask me to do.Always a friendly person
2 days ago
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Asanda Nicholas Mabona

Asanda Nicholas Mabona from Cape Town

32 years old, male
Hi there my name is asanda mabona im a 32 years old male residing in khayelitsha i have a valid EC drivers licence with PDP im looking for a job as a driver from code 10/14 im a trustworthy person witha clear accident and criminal records im a hard worker and a team player im willing to add value to the company plz do consider my application as im available immediately kind regards asanda mabona 0737427591
2 days ago
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Niven Hagins

Niven Hagins from Northern Suburbs

25 years old, male
Looking for a job in transnet. Im a fast learner. Adapt easily. Willing to work shifts. Any time of the day or night. Hard working. Problem solving. Good attendance. Im a dedicated team player
4 days ago
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Nomfundiso Tyeshani

Nomfundiso Tyeshani from Northern Suburbs

22 years old, female
I’m looking for job that meet my requirements I have grade 12,computer literacy and N1 of fitting and turning course
5 days ago
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Theresa Jana

Theresa Jana from Southern Suburbs

30 years old, female
Secretary ,receptionist
5 days ago
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Monroe Jacobs

Monroe Jacobs from Overberg

26 years old, male
I see myself as a capable and talented Employee who possesses levels of accuracy and attention to detail, good organisational abilities and is able to perform well in a fast paced, demanding environment. I am self motivated, with an enthusiastic and passionate manner about providing good service in everything that I do. I am constantly looking for ways to improve administrative processes to get the administrative tasks done more effectively. I am team player, with commitment to customer service, who possesses a track record of working in various administrative roles, coupled with good computer skills and the ability to communicate confidently at all levels. I make use of a highly organised approach, plenty of initiative and a genuine desire to contribute to the ongoing success of your Office. I have a reputation for delivering high quality, to both junior and senior colleagues.
5 days ago
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Werdine Greeff

Werdine Greeff from Eden

23 years old, female
Any administration/PA/office positions. I am hard working. I can work fast and can multitask. I speak afrikaans and English. I've studied diploma business management at Nelson Mandelela University and graduated in April 2019. I'm always on time and positive. I love to work and see my Co workers and I grow as we are a team and we need te reach our goal together. I'll always try to maintain an positive atmosphere. I don't like conflict but will always try to sort it out as soon as possible and with all the care needed without trying to hurt anyone. I'm always flexible, so if I need to work overtime, that's not an problem. I'll always doing my best en try to better myself each day. I'm an team player and motivate everyone to work together.
6 days ago
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Taymon Reece Scheepers

Taymon Reece Scheepers from Cape Town

22 years old, male
Good day I am looking for an administrator position as well as sales assistant because I have completed my Microsoft Certificate BA & also worked in Retail for 3 years as a cashier and sales assistant. I am extremely motivated and also a team player, if I feel the need I'll always motivate my colleagues to get the job done as soon as possible. I know what it feels like to work with a slacker, it's frustrating having to pick up after someone else especially if the job requires us to rely on each other. If there's a problem that I am unable to handle I'll always let my boss or supervisor know in order to get it sorted. I'm loyal and trustworthy And all I want to do is build a future for myself. Thanks for reading Taymon-Reece Scheepers. Contact : 0678596234
1 weeks ago
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Lusanda Mjoqo

Lusanda Mjoqo from Heathfield

29 years old, female
I am hardworking person,persistent, good working with people and committed. Have HR diploma 2 years of experience
1 weeks ago
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Masande Binza

Masande Binza from Cape Flats

30 years old, male
Electrical job,for the fact that i have been in the Constraction Industry i believe in my self alway willing to learn and work extra~time when am needed. and can work with any racial people whether white black indian coloured doen'snt matter to me as long we push production work safe at all times. Thank you
1 weeks ago
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Remano Daniels

Remano Daniels from Overberg

27 years old, male
Goverment learnerships. I'm a strong driven young man, a quick learner and always performs at the best of my ability
1 weeks ago
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Lebohang Samual Kikine

Lebohang Samual Kikine from Cape Town

36 years old, male
My name Name is Lebohang Kikine,I grew in Eastern Cape ,but move to the western cape in the 19',s . I'am a very humble person who loves to work with people.I dropped out of school in grade 11 because of financial situation back at home.I got sober habits i will always try to be at work on time, I adapt very quickly and I am a fast learner. I'm a hardworking person that will always do the best of my task at hand. I'm trustworthy person with a good employment reputation & track record. I always do my work timelessly fashion.I'm do not get sick that often,and I always try to be on time for my job.
1 weeks ago
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Qhamani Vinqishe

Qhamani Vinqishe from Cape Winelands

29 years old, male
Iam looking for better job, I am a hard worker and I work well with people and I am enthusiastic
1 weeks ago
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Clement Benson Chasowa Nyangu

Clement Benson Chasowa Nyangu from Cape Flats

35 years old, male
Managerial jobs,and am humble and hardworking
1 weeks ago
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Juliana Julies

Juliana Julies from Northern Suburbs

34 years old, female
I'm looking for any general a well mannered individual given a opportunity will give my best and earger to prove my worthiness.
1 weeks ago
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Aeesha Gabriels

Aeesha Gabriels from Cape Town

20 years old, female
I am a hardworking individual.I am able to adapt well to my surroundings and I am quick learner.I am self motivated and able to multitask.I have good communication skills ( verbal and written) and I am computer literate.I am eager to learn and grow within an organization or company.
2 weeks ago
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