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Zizipho Fanaphi

Zizipho Fanaphi from Queenstown

25 years old, female
L am a hard worker ,am passionate about what I do and am friendly and patient I know how to keep clients happy and the client is always right
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Kholeka Matyobeni

Kholeka Matyobeni from Queenstown

29 years old, male
I'm a hard work I love to working with people good Listen.I'm applying for general work any kind of work please
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Innocent Mwakipesile

Innocent Mwakipesile from East Rand

28 years old, male
I am really looking for a housecaring a Malawian boy by nationality.I have been doing this job for 3 years and the boss am working with is now resigning from his working by end august,flying back to her country in UK which mean once she left I will be jobless.this is why I need to look for another job opportunity in time.for further information,you call me on the above given number and am gonna give u the phone numbers/addresses for my a hard working boy and always make sure to do things according to will of the boss.your favourable consideration shall be appreciated very much.
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Sibusiso Phindani

Sibusiso Phindani from Queenstown

25 years old, male
I am very organised person and able to work under pressure, and I also hv a good communication skills. I declare that all the above information is correct and is mine.
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Andiswa Sondlo

Andiswa Sondlo from Queenstown

36 years old, female
I regard myseld as a trustworthy and hard working person. I am able to work under different situations. I enjoy sharing my views with my colleagues. I am flexible in doing anything. Self-disciplined and organised is part of my offering.
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Bongiwe Millicent Nobaza

Bongiwe Millicent Nobaza from Queenstown

38 years old, female
I m a hard worker ,first learner and willing to learn and grow,and I would like to rich a goal in life.
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Busisiwe Peter

Busisiwe Peter from Queenstown

32 years old, female
I love working with people and I would like to have more experience in hospitality industry.Thank you
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Luleka Peter

Luleka Peter from Eastern Cape

You can hire me becouse i love working and i Need work. I live with my parents nd my daughter my parents are not working. I am talk active person by shy. I dont give people problems becouse i do not do problems. I am nice person who live to go in church that is me.
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Luleka Peter

Luleka Peter from Queenstown

28 years old, female
You can hire me becouse i love working and i Need work. I live with my parents nd my daughter my parents are not working. I am talk active person by shy. I dont give people problems becouse i do not do problems. I am nice person who live to go in church that is me.
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Luyolo Balintulo

Luyolo Balintulo from Queenstown

26 years old, male
I am looking for a job.shelve packer job or cashier job . and I have an experience from Shoprite mamelodi at gauteng. Ple ase manager I really need the job and I will concentrate at work every day thank you
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Nontshumayelo Sifuba

Nontshumayelo Sifuba from Queenstown

31 years old, female
Im a confident woman with high self esteem.I was born a leader,a good listener and lead by example.I Will make a difference At where i Will work.Progress and growth in where i work is My language.Working with different People and making a difference is My key in a succesful leadership skills. Thank you
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Francis Musungo

Francis Musungo from Eastern Cape

27 years old, male
I'm looking for a job as an Undertaker, at any funeral palour wich has got a vacancy
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Siwaphiwe Magatya

Siwaphiwe Magatya from Queenstown

28 years old, female
I am a 25year old young,vibrant and energetic woman. I am seeking employment in administration and sales department. I am able to think on my feet I work very well under pressure, I am optimistic,career driven and open minded. I have excellent communication skills and good interpersonal skills. I value and respect people. My knowledge,skills and abilities will benefit the comapany that I may work for. I always strive for excellency in all that I do. I am seeking for an organisation that I may contribute my skills and abilities and work towards the success of the company.
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Anele Bingwa

Anele Bingwa from Butterworth

31 years old, male
I am a hard worker ,very skilled individual who do everything in my power to promote and develop any kind of job assigned to me- I serve my employer faithfully and honestly and use reasonable care and skills in performance of my duties. I obey all lawful and reasonable instructions. Devote all my time and attention to the duties assigned to me.
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Grayson Mgalla

Grayson Mgalla from Queenstown

72 years old, male
My honest,my williness are something to consider while doing my job
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Daluxolo Ndumndum

Daluxolo Ndumndum from Queenstown

43 years old, male
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Yonela Yawa

Yonela Yawa from Queenstown

24 years old, female
Am hard worker and also am concertrating person who can do work proper.
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Yolokazi Mabhena

Yolokazi Mabhena from Port St Johns

25 years old, female
I am a Student of King Sabata Dalindyebo TVET College at Mtata, Zimbane Campus, doing Public Relations N6. I am looking for an Internship(2016) for the period of 18 months. I am a hard worker, still young, can adopt easily in changes, good with people, can commit myself to my work and keep the Organization and it's clients happy, and make sure that the Clients' needs are satisfied.
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Tendayi Machalo

Tendayi Machalo from Queenstown

12 years old, male
I am Tendayi Machalo from Zimbabwe, I am an extremely fit and active person who hes a great deal of experience in this field and I have track record of high achievement, I have very good organisation and motivational skills and I am always strive to improve myself. I believe that I would embrace the challenge that this new role has to offer. I am motivated, dedicated, loyal and ambitious person who has the ability to aork within a team aslo unsupervised. In the working environment and take on a large number of responsibilities both of work around home and in my leisure time activities. I am currently captain of my local football team and part of my responsibilities include organising and conducting weekly evening training exercise that we perform. This allows me to maintain everyone's motivation and interest level. For example one week I wil organise the multi-stage fitness, test and another week, we will practice taking and drilling skills, To conclude, I am a fit motivated, active, organized and professional individual who has a lot of skills amd experience to offer.
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Yanela Kambi

Yanela Kambi from Queenstown

31 years old, female
I am an honest, hard working and self motivated person who always does her work with enthusiasm and pride. I have good communication, administrative, computer, sales and marketing skills. Am flexible and can easily adapt to different working environments. I work well with a team and as an individual. I am always willing to learn and develop. I am a respectable person who represents her employer well.
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