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Lindokuhle Mgoduka

Lindokuhle Mgoduka from Umtata / Mthatha

29 years old, male
I can be the best asset to any company because I am energetic,hardworking,self-motivated,problem solver, team and individual worker,goal-driven,can work under-pressure, not a quitter,eager to learn new things, ambitious, disciplined can meet deadline, etc.
1 months ago
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Nolukhanyo Bhongoza

Nolukhanyo Bhongoza from Port Alfred

30 years old, female
General Job -I am a hard worker -I want to make my dream come true -My job comes first -Customers always right -I take care of customers -I love working with people
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Mlibokazi Nonyusa

Mlibokazi Nonyusa from Queenstown

27 years old, female
I can do the work and deliver exceptional results. I can fit in beautifully and be a great addition to the team. And i am willing to learn new things and improve my skill to help the company to gain with dedication, i am the hard worker.
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