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Simphiwe Brenda Nzimande

Simphiwe Brenda Nzimande from Johannesburg

33 years old, male
I am a facilitator and assessor I have matric Have volunteered as assistant administrator and have worked as a receptionist
2 days ago
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Kerry Lee Smit

Kerry Lee Smit from Johannesburg

25 years old, female
I have a passion for kids, i would like to start my own school next year, My passion is also banking. I am a hard worker and very dedicated. I am an easy person to get along with, I enjoy meeting new people. I adjust to changes and adapt to the new working environment quickly. I am an organized person who wants things done right and on time. I never give up and I strive to be successful. I take pride in my work and do the best of my ability. I am passionate in all that I do. I set targets for myself and aim to reach and exceed the set target. I am a hard working person and make sure that I stay focused in my job. I make sure that what is required of me gets done and properly. I work well in a team and always want to learn new things. I make sure that the people I interact with are focused and willing to do their best as I do.
3 days ago
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Bongani Raymond Mabuza

Bongani Raymond Mabuza from Johannesburg

37 years old, male
I like teaching..well above average general welding skills
1 weeks ago
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Heike Eggers

Heike Eggers from Durban City

50 years old, female
I am an intelligent, gregarious, honest, loyal, hardworking and dedicated lady, with a great sense of humour and a passion for people interaction. I am always eager to learn new things and always give of my best. I am a good team player and generally am positive in outlook.
1 weeks ago
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Ruyamuro Makwindi

Ruyamuro Makwindi from Brits

46 years old, female
Maths teacher in the fet tvet sector.
2 weeks ago
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Ntandoyenkosi Zulu

Ntandoyenkosi Zulu from Mtunzini

26 years old, female
I am loving, passionate, dedicated and able to work well with other people. I should be hired because i learn very fast, iam flexible and can also multi task. I always ensure that i give my best in what ever task iam assigned to do. I am able to work very well with minor supervision and able to work and meet deadlines.
3 weeks ago
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Vhutshilo Musehane

Vhutshilo Musehane from Pretoria / Tshwane

24 years old, male
I am looking for an office job. I have a strong personality, I am innovative , a creative thinker. I am willing and open to learn new things, I pay attention to details, a fast learner and have good interpersonal skills. I can multitask, a team player, well organized, and work under pressure. I know that I will bring positive changes and production to the company because I am a dedicated worker.
4 weeks ago
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Alisha Paramaser

Alisha Paramaser from North Coast

30 years old, female
Knowing if you are going to be successful at a task means knowing yourself. I am self – motivated, well organised and a hard worker. Dedication is evident from positive outcomes. I perform well under pressure and I am a dedicated individual who enjoys responsibilities and accepts challenges with ease. I enjoy and have a passion for teaching. I am a trustworthy person but above all I have energy, drive, determination and motivation. Honesty, responsibility and strong communication levels are my best traits. I am aware that moulding a child into proper adulthood is of utmost importance and this can only be achieved by patience, understanding and most importantly by being a good role model. I know I would be an asset to any school and would assist in achieving the school’s goals.
1 months ago
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Marupi Jacob Marumo

Marupi Jacob Marumo from Bloemfontein

39 years old, male
College Lecturing, University Lecturing, Education and Research, Curriculum Development
2 months ago
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Shawn Naidoo

Shawn Naidoo from Johannesburg

40 years old, male
• I have managed a team of technical support specialist in the Automotive Tracking industry; this assisted me gaining extensive management experience, which enabled me to be promoted to R&D manager. My hardware and applications experience enable me to productively support the technology space. • I am currently a training specialist at FNB. My previous experience is in the training and automotive industry. I have extensive electrical and electronics experience. I have trained in various countries and have gained extensive experience pertaining to training styles and cultures coupled with my applications and IT support experience. I can train on any subject matter and I always push to become the SME in the applicable sector. • I have been in the electronics, mechanical, technology and Learning and development field for the better part of my career and I will use this extensive experience to be an asset to your company.
2 months ago
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Nkazimulo Ndumso Mbatha

Nkazimulo Ndumso Mbatha from South Coast (Ugu)

28 years old, male
I am pleased to present my resume to you for a position as an Intermediate and senior phase teacher. I believe you will find me a dedicated educator who is well qualified to provide the motivation and direction students need to successfully learn. The enclosed resume will testify to my career success and solid commitment to providing students with excellence in education. As you have note, I have earned a Bachelor of Education in teaching English (First Additional Language) and Life Orientation for senior phase/Life Skills for Intermediate phase. My teaching style is direct and decisive, yet flexible in responding to constantly changing demands. Being a well-rounded educator, I have had the opportunity to teach at PHUMOSIZINI HIGH SCHOOL doing the internship for a duration of 12 months which gives me one year experience thus enhancing my teaching techniques and instructional methods. As a result, I have developed phenomenal communication, interpersonal, organisational, time management and leadership skills. Furthermore, I have become proficiency in developing comprehensive lesson plans; creating stimulating thematic units; and assessing individuals and the class as a whole. One of my greatest strength as an educator is instilling a love for literacy in my students. I have true passion for literature and am adept at passing this on to my students. I accomplish this by incorporating Shakespearian words, which I help students translate into present-day English, as well as draw a direct connection between the works in question and everyday life. This method has helped me to reach out to each student. Facilitate their unique learning styles, and spark their interest. I would feel privileged to secure a position as an English and Life orientation teacher in your school, and would welcome the opportunity to discuss how my extensive experience would best suit the needs of your students. I look forward to hearing from you at your earlier convenient.
2 months ago
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Lucky Khumalo

Lucky Khumalo from Durban City

28 years old, male
Math and Physical science teacher ! 2year experience
2 months ago
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Phuluso Maliavusa

Phuluso Maliavusa from Thohoyandou

25 years old, male
I offer help in mathematics that goes far beyond that of a traditional teacher. I am Sophisticated , developed to a high degree of complexity. imbued with exeptional skills on both compuer hardware and software . passionate about making a change to society. Dedicated, enthusiastic and loyal. Meticulous researcher, analyst, strategic thinker. Proactive with a focus on solutions.
2 months ago
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Tamera Julia Padayachee

Tamera Julia Padayachee from Phoenix

Dear Sir /Madam I am looking for a teaching position preferably in Life Orientation and Economic and Management Sciences for Intermediate and Senior Phase. I studied my Bachelor of Education at the University of Zululand. I unfortunately have no work experience as I completed my degree in November 2018 and graduated in May 2019. Although throughout my studies I have done a total of 11 weeks teaching practice at schools in Durban and Empangeni and have experienced both primary and secondary schools. I am currently tutoring primary school learners from my area in Mathematics and English. I am an individual that would like to make a difference in children's lives and become an active member in society. I always believed that teachers have the ability not only to change the world but also to improve it. Teaching has been a career that I wanted to pursue for many years. I am passionate about the profession and I feel that I am a suitable candidate to join your teaching brigade.
2 months ago
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Jeanpierre Vermaak

Jeanpierre Vermaak from Bloemfontein

37 years old, male
I'm a fast learner en a hard worker. I know how to work with different types of people. I have good communication skills that can be used to help people feel comfortable and motivated to work with me. I'm a safe worker and have done a few ohs courses at Nosa.
3 months ago
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Matseleng Maphake

Matseleng Maphake from Marblehall

45 years old, female
I am looking for teaching post anywhere in limpopo and mpumalanga. qualified teacher with SPTD and member of SACE in good standing. Also have Assessor certificate and Higher certificate in occupation Directed ( ODETDP level 5) acquired from accredited training academy. presently work as ETD officer at Gold Fields Mine
3 months ago
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Boago Ramotiti

Boago Ramotiti from Other North West

25 years old, male
As multi-talented individual eager to explore my talents in various work situations I found this institution particularly eye catching, and being ambitious and hard working as I am. It serves a great opportunity for me to nurture my skills in the engineering sector. I have the right combination of skills and experience for any IT job. I also can bring the additional quality of strong analytical and problem solving ability as shown by my introduction of a more efficient work flow system at Radiation Protection inspectorate to your institution. I possess 3 years of IT experience from my previous engagement where I was assigned as a system developer, technician, a data capture and application developer, I was responsible for a day today roles of managing organization systems, troubleshooting Zabalaza Investments, at Radiation protection Inspectorate and at Social light. The nature of my qualification has prepared me to work in different positions provided there is a team work. It provide a great deal of assistance, requiring initiative, motivation and a wide range of skill. I am conscientious person who works hard and pays attention to details and instructions as I am learning from others. completed Bachelor of Science (honours) in Software Engineering. Respectively this opportunity will allow me to grow professionally, gain skills and use them in the institution at large. I enclosed my detailed CV which states the detailed information. I would appreciate the chance to meet with you to discuss the ways in which I can help your organization achieve its mandate and goals. I would appreciate your consideration and the opportunity to undergo the selection process. Yours Faithfully Boago Ramotiti
3 months ago
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Thandeka Xulu

Thandeka Xulu from North Coast

34 years old, female
I am looking for a teaching job, as i love teaching children because i have a good listening ear,amicable person,enjoy team playing and friendly person who enjoys people which even landed me in the current qualification community and health psychology pursuing my studies for the love of children when i finish my other qualification it will be working in hand with my education qualification. Am more of a practical person as i would be in foundation phase
3 months ago
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Chriswell Makhubele

Chriswell Makhubele from Tzaneen

18 years old, male
3 months ago
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Zodumo Ngidi

Zodumo Ngidi from Durban City

22 years old, female
I am looking for new opportunities where I could grow my career and work as a call center Agent between customer service and debt collection, I'm a dedicated person with good communication skills, ambitious, dedicated, problem solver, friendly yet still professional, a good listener who can also interpret and understand what the customer is saying, patient and empathetic.
3 months ago
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