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Verushka Rhode

Verushka Rhode from Cape Winelands

33 years old, female
I'm looking for an Office job,I'm a hard worker
4 days ago
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Branton Riddles

Branton Riddles from Northern Suburbs

52 years old, male
I'm an honest, reliable, hard working and punctual person. I'm fun loving and work well with others. Always give 110% to what ever I do. I don't drink and smoke. I'm an attention to detail type of guy and settles for nothing less than the best. I aim to please.
1 weeks ago
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Anathi Njani

Anathi Njani from Cape Winelands

23 years old, male
My is anathi njani I currently live in kraafontein and I finished my matric in 2014 and after finishing my matric I studied office administration in boland college in Paarl from 2015-2017 and while I was studying I was doing part-time job of administration in franschhoek spar Inc from 2015 - 2018 to gain experience in office administration Upon learning of your posting for an Office Administrator, I hastened to submit my resume for your review. As a highly organized and self-motivated professional with expertise in coordinating and overseeing office operations to maximize efficiency and productivity, I am prepared to significantly contribute to your company’s goals and objectives. My background includes managing administrative operations and driving office efficiency within fast-paced office environments while ensuring adherence to budgets and deadlines. From preparing business correspondence and developing custom Excel- and Word-based documents to handling bookkeeping activities and maintaining equipment and supplies, I excel at prioritizing tasks, collaborating with management, and developing effective communication and organizational procedures. Highlights of my experience include… * Skillfully managing day-to-day office operations, communications, scheduling, database management, and special projects throughout 1 year and 8 months career in office administration and support. * Achieving reputation as a QuickBooks specialist and streamlining bookkeeping functions by implementing software systems to drive increased accounting productivity and efficiency. * Organizing, scheduling, and facilitating regular company-wide meetings—including meetings with C-level executive staff. * Excelling at balancing multiple tasks within independent, self-starting environments while providing top-level organization and communication skills and improving operational systems. My skills in office organization, bookkeeping, and general administration have been finely honed, and I am confident my additional strengths will readily translate to your environment. The chance to offer more insight into my qualifications would be most welcome. Thank you for your consideration; I look forward to speaking with you soon. Sincerely, Anathi njani
3 weeks ago
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Ryan Wagenaar

Ryan Wagenaar from Cape Winelands

25 years old, male
I'm looking for a marketing or kitchen staff job.
4 weeks ago
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Mzimasi Buso

Mzimasi Buso from Cape Winelands

35 years old, male
Any electrical related Job available
4 weeks ago
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Nicholas Hanse

Nicholas Hanse from Cape Winelands

18 years old, male
I'm very energetic, I love to organise stuff and I like to do things the right way. From my point of view I would say I can anything that suita my personality wich is very openly, creative, busy, cheerful and very confident.
1 months ago
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Sonwabile Vundisa

Sonwabile Vundisa from Cape Winelands

29 years old, male
Am looking for any general work , cleaning , security , driver , land scaping
1 months ago
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Junade Abrahim

Junade Abrahim from Atlantic Seaboard

31 years old, male
 Strong interpersonal and communication skills  Good time management skills & Multi-tasking skills  Knowledge of customer services practices  A calm professional with a flexible and adaptable approach to work  Can work without supervision  Conflict Resolution.  Leadership
1 months ago
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Brentino Cupido

Brentino Cupido from Cape Winelands

23 years old, male
Marketing job Computer literate, good communicator , hard worker, adaptable, willing to expand my knowledge, eager to learn more and goal driven.
2 months ago
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Qhamani Vinqishe

Qhamani Vinqishe from Cape Winelands

29 years old, male
Iam looking for better job, I am a hard worker and I work well with people and I am enthusiastic
2 months ago
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Makhosezwe Nondabula

Makhosezwe Nondabula from Cape Winelands

26 years old, female
I'm looking forward to take this company to the next level,I'm hard worker working in a hard conditions,
3 months ago
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Danzel Mintoor

Danzel Mintoor from Cape Winelands

38 years old, male
Work ethics Endurance Punctuality Attention to detail
3 months ago
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Steven Jasson

Steven Jasson from Cape Winelands

24 years old, male
I'm a young hard working guy who learns quick I don't mind working long hours. I'm willing to do anything that is been requert of me to do cause I want to help built the company and and giving the clients what they want.
4 months ago
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Rolivhuwa Netshinombeloni

Rolivhuwa Netshinombeloni from Cape Winelands

26 years old, male
I am 25 years old ambitious male who is prepared to achieve the desired goals of the Job description. I am a hard worker, self-motivated, goal oriented individual who is always looking for a challenge to enhance my skills and knowledge, I like to interact with other people and adapt easily to different kinds of environment. I have good communication skills, Computer skills. I seek challenging opportunities where I can fully use my skills and experience for the success of the organization. I am able to work different kinds of shifts and under pressure. I can speak Tshivenda, ISIZulu isiXhosa and English fluently. I have basic understanding of data collection processes and procedures, I understands where to locate internal data information and able to collect and readily available internal data. I can perform routine analyses according to protocols developed by others. I have Basic knowledge in statistical theories and methods. I can be able Distinguishes information that is not pertinent to a decision or solution. I have basic knowledge of relevant policies, procedures and related activities. I’m capable of implementing procedures, highlighting issues as appropriate and Knows where to get the information required. I welcome the opportunity to further elaborate on my CV
4 months ago
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Lizel Mentoor

Lizel Mentoor from Cape Winelands

I am currently seeking an HR Administrator position or an admin Clerk position. I am very hardworking. If I have to work late in order to get the work done, I do so without complaint or remuneration. Enjoy people interaction. I like solving problems and try to find solutions in which everyone benefits. Try to work as accurately as I possibly can. A little bit of a perfectionist. Try to motivate people around me.
4 months ago
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Christopher Hayward

Christopher Hayward from Secunda

54 years old, male
I am looking for a construction management position. As a passionate, determined, goal – driven and dynamic person, I continually try to inspire others to achieve optimal results. I have gained invaluable experience and believe that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. With excellent communication, networking and well-developed interpersonal skills, I integrate well within a team and have the ability to form trusted relationships with subordinates, clients as well as superiors. Whilst focusing on the job, I am able to keep my eye on the horizon, growing and adapting organically to the environment that I am placed in. My proven track record of responsibility, integrity and commitment to company objectives has allowed me to be innovative in unlocking my growth. It is my strong belief that the detail lies in the execution, focus and timing. My leadership style is based on managing through mutual respect, honest communication and trust, whilst keeping an eye on the bottom line. I maintain a strong work ethic and governance and have a healthy competitive attitude and thrive under pressure. Qualifications: • National Technical Certificate 3 • National diploma in Mechanical Engineering • Specialist Projects Management Program • Program in Project Management • Advanced Program in Project Management Membership: • Registered Professional Construction manager with SACPCMP No. C/1291/2017 Awards: • Techinkon Natal, Merit award - Machine design T4, June 1993 • Sasol Silver award - Technological advancement in tube sheet cladding, cost saving of R1 000 000.00, July 2002 • Sasol Star Award - Awarded to project team for emission reductions, January 2004 • Sasol EXCOM award 2012/2013 - SNI Project high safety performance • Sasol: 10 yearlong service award July 2005 • Sasol: 20 yearlong service award July 2015 Positions Held: • Senior Construction Co Coordinator • Construction Manager • Project Manager • Principal Mechanical Technician Projects • Project Official • Fitter Thank you for taking the time to read through my application in regards to the position advertised by your company.
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Kim Vermaak

Kim Vermaak from Helderberg

37 years old, female
I am currently looking to obtain a challenging creative position that will allow me to succeed with design for both print and for the ever-evolving digital media platform. I would be grateful for the opportunity where I may utilise my experience and knowledge to acquire new skills and improve beyond my current abilities and progress in the market incurs. Competencies: • Excellent time management skills • Meeting deadlines and ability to work well under pressure • Willingness to learn • Administrative organisation • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills • Ability to work both individually as well as within a team environment • Enthusiastic team player that is committed to delivering top results. • Passion for keeping clients satisfied with each project.
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Drsuh Drsuh

Drsuh Drsuh from Cape Winelands

69 years old, female
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Keegan Thomas

Keegan Thomas from Cape Winelands

41 years old, male
I am looking for jobs in software applications or mechanical engineering. I am dedicated, loyal, diligent, patient, logical and analytical
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Chantelle Antoniadis

Chantelle Antoniadis from Cape Town

23 years old, female
I'm looking for a job as a Mathematics or Natural Sciences Teacher for Grade 7 to 9. Children is my passion and I want to be the best teacher possible for them.
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