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Juli Collene Davidse

Juli Collene Davidse from Northern Suburbs

32 years old, female
Administration. I'm a energetic, bubbly, friendly, team player and driven person. It would be a new challenge and beginning of something new in my life. I'm dedicated to my work and Administration helps me plan better, helps you organise better, to be Efficient and focused.
4 days ago
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Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels from Cape Town

53 years old, male
I am a very responsable person.A team leader.Can work without supervision
5 days ago
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Natasha Albertyn

Natasha Albertyn from Northern Suburbs

44 years old, female
I would like to apply for an administrative position. I have been in admin jobs for 21 years. At my first job, I had to sell a service, that is why I'm service orientated. I've worked as a graphic designer for 2 years, then worked in the rental finance environment for 18 years. From there I worked as a finance officer at HTS Belliville. I'm very loyal to my employer, therefor I have only worked at 3 jobs since 1997. I'm a very bubbly and spontaneous spirit. I always want peace between colleagues, not a fan of hatred and going behind peoples back. I am what you see is what you get, very straight to the point. I'm currently unemployed and would love to work for a well established company. My dad and granddad used to work for Transnet. I will always go the extra mile, because I take pride in what I do. I can start as soon as possible to get training, just to get the know how around the company as every admin job is not the same. I'm leaving for Wales on the 18th-27th of September to help with the administration of the rugby tour. Then I'm back and excited to have my future ahead. I will be an asset to your company. Please give me a change to show what I have got in store for you. I have earned at my previous job R 18 500, and that was a year ago. I hope that you will consider me. We have two children, a boy turning 12 in October and a girl who had just been 8 in July. I've been married for 17 years. I hope to hear from you soon.
1 weeks ago
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Fabio Goliath

Fabio Goliath from Cape Town

19 years old, male
Good day, I am currently employed by Shoprite Parow since 2018 to date as a General assistant, but i'm looking for something more challenging. I am a diligent, efficient worker who takes pride in whatever i set myself to do. I am always presentable and adapt to all kinds of environments very easily and enjoy working under pressure. I like to take initiative an i'm a good team player. I am open minded and have an eye for detail. I am confident that i will serve any employer loyally and totally without reserve. I hope to hear from you soon. Kind Regards Fabio Goliath
2 weeks ago
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Branton Riddles

Branton Riddles from Northern Suburbs

52 years old, male
I'm an honest, reliable, hard working and punctual person. I'm fun loving and work well with others. Always give 110% to what ever I do. I don't drink and smoke. I'm an attention to detail type of guy and settles for nothing less than the best. I aim to please.
2 weeks ago
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Dimitri Koeberg

Dimitri Koeberg from Helderberg

33 years old, male
I'm a hard working who works well under pressure either in a team or induvidual. I have storeman experience where i supervised a team of 15 people on a daily basis, i managed stock by picking and stacking them. Dispatch and receiving, loading and off loading of trucks on a daily basis. Inventory controle
2 weeks ago
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Hendrik Jansen

Hendrik Jansen from Northern Suburbs

39 years old, male
I am a very eager learner.Having 20 years experience in the transport industry I believe I can add value to my future colleagues.My current job title is Maintenance assistant,a qualification I obtained in 2013 while working for my previous employer Golden Arrow Bus Services.I do have some leadership skill and will definitely not shy away from any added responsibility should it come my way.I have a valid code 11 drivers license with PrdP
2 weeks ago
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Sigqibo Simelani

Sigqibo Simelani from Cape Flats

36 years old, male
I have experience in stock clerk and I have knowledge of office admin. I am interested in warehousing admin and office admin
3 weeks ago
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Jakobus Meyer

Jakobus Meyer from Northern Suburbs

45 years old, male
Delivery or security Maintenance Client service
3 weeks ago
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Mjongeni Matontsi

Mjongeni Matontsi from Northern Suburbs

26 years old, male
Driving can be better job I can manage
3 weeks ago
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Sharon Jafta

Sharon Jafta from Northern Suburbs

36 years old, female
I am very passionate about my work, I go the extra mile in my work area, always willing to lend a hand to fellow colleagues. I am a peoples person and very liable.I am always willing to learn more and communicate well.
4 weeks ago
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Alain Sisam

Alain Sisam from Northern Suburbs

29 years old, male
I am a self-motivated and committed individual who can demonstrate excellent organizational and communication skills. I am a dedicated worker, who is always willing to learn new concepts and like to plan out what has to be done to ensure all tasks are completed to the best of my ability. I am willing to use our own initiative when working on my own, as well as co-operating in a team.
4 weeks ago
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Jade Samson

Jade Samson from Northern Suburbs

As a young 22 year old female I strive to always give my utmost best. I am willing to learn new skills , strategies aswell as take on new challenges. To me it is important to always give my best and not just to improve as a person but to improve within the company and job description. My life motto is " it's better to try than not try at all" With this motto I motivate myself to always try and never to say I can't but to go out and try and always say I can.
4 weeks ago
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Phumeza Xoki

Phumeza Xoki from Northern Suburbs

41 years old, female
General worker
4 weeks ago
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Edwina De Bruins

Edwina De Bruins from Southern Suburbs

39 years old, female
Job with growth potential. I am a hardworking, enthusiatic person able to think on my feet.
1 months ago
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Devon Lombard

Devon Lombard from Northern Suburbs

30 years old, male
I am looking for a driver job and to assist with customer needs.As I am currently in the motor retail industry my skills are mainly to assist with customer satisfaction my experience in the motor retail industry will be a benefit to any organization where customer satisfaction is priority
1 months ago
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Ruan Goosen

Ruan Goosen from Northern Suburbs

29 years old, male
Im a tactical officer in Clifton, have experience in managing teams, very good driver too. I observe my surroundings. Learn real quick. Positive thinker. Problem solving.
1 months ago
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Gabriel Plaatjies

Gabriel Plaatjies from Northern Suburbs

37 years old, male
Customer service excellence,hard working work well in a team and always punctual.
2 months ago
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Monray Alexander Bergman

Monray Alexander Bergman from Northern Suburbs

31 years old, male
I'm a hardworking very focused individual... I've developed over the years and build up experience in the aluminum industry but are willing to learn and open to new challenges to improve my life and future. I'm very punctual and very good at time management. I'm a family man and want to provide to the best of my ability as a man.
2 months ago
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Marius Meyer

Marius Meyer from Northern Suburbs

34 years old, male
2 months ago
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